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As children get older, the way they interact with other people during play will change. These changes are called “stages of play”.

There are 6 stages of play. They are:

1. Unoccupied

2. Playing alone

3. Onlooker

4. Parallel

5. Associative

6. Cooperative

Each stage is normal.

1. Unoccupied- This is when a baby moves for no reason, such as kicking their legs. This is the first sign of play.🦵🏼You can encourage unoccupied play by letting your child move around. It also helps not to wrap them up while they are awake. 👶🏼🌯🚫

2. Playing alone-When children play alone, they will explore the world around them. They do this by touching 👋🏻 and tasting 👅 things. They will also enjoy hearing their own voice👂🏼You can encourage your child to explore by giving them a variety of safe and age appropriate toys 🧸🪁👦🏼

3. Onlooker-This is when a child watches other children play, and doesn’t join in. This is the first step in learning to play with others. 👀 Onlooker play is a normal and a healthy part of development.🫣👁

4. Parallel- Parallel play is when children play next to each other, but don’t interact. This is a normal part of the learning to play process. This usually happens between 2 and 3 years old. You should not force children to play together. This will come with time.🪀🎮👦🏼🚂👧🏿

5. Associative- Associative play is when children play together, but have different ideas and goals. For example - talking to each other and playing with the same toys, but doing different things. This usually happens between 3 and 5 years old. You can encourage associative play by taking your child to a playgroup. 👧🏽🧒🏼🪆👦🏿👧🏻

6. Cooperative-Cooperative play is when children start working together towards a common goal. For instance, building a block tower. This helps your child to develop social skills. This usually happens between 4 and 6 years old. 🧱🗣👧🏼👦🏻


Materials Needed:

🔹Storage bin or deep baking pan

🔹Ice cubes 🧊

🔹No spill paint containers

🔹Non-toxic washable watercolor paint 🎨

🔹Paintbrushes 🖌


Have your child(ren) paint the ice with their brushes and different color paints 🌈 Notice what happens with the watercolors as the ice starts melting. The texture starts changing, as do the colors.

When the work of art is complete, either leave it as is, or press a piece of paper on top to make a print 🖼

Then, simply place the ice in the sink to melt. Clean up is a breeze! 🌪

Not ready for clean up yet? This activity is so easy to reuse, until it melts of course 🤣! Rinse off the ice in the sink and start all over AGAIN! 🙃


The first step as caregivers is to help children learn and recognize the different emotions. Feel all the feels in a safe environment, and make sure they know it’s a safe place!

After they can identify the different feelings, caregivers then help children learn how to cope with these emotions in a healthy way.

Building an environment where emotions are discussed regularly, allows children to feel more comfortable turning to their caregivers when they are having trouble coping with particular feelings.

Here are 7️⃣ tips to encourage emotionally healthy children.

1. Talk about emotions daily.

2. Recognize your child's emotions and respond compassionately.

3. Model healthy responses to your own emotions.

4. Help build a "toolkit" of healthy responses when hard emotions strike.

5. Incorporate mindfulness activities into your routine.

6. Provide experiences to learn and grow.

7. Work to foster empathy and compassion for others.

What are ways you discuss emotions with children? We’d love to hear from you below in the comments👇🏼


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  • “As a mother and former nanny myself, I can attest that The Nanny Network is without compare, the best in the business.

    For the past 10 years I have placed my highest confidence in the Nanny Network and I have never been anything less than thrilled.”
    - SARAH P.


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•  We have a 94% success rate when matching clients and candidates because we know the right questions to ask and take the time to understand your goals.

•  Only 4 out of every 100 employees that apply to The Nanny Network make it through our rigorous and demanding qualification and screening process.

•  75% of our new clients were referred to The Nanny Network by our existing clients. Most of our business is through word of mouth from happy clients or candidates who have had great experiences working with us for many years.

•  We've been around for over 38 years and have used this time to cultivate the most exclusive network in the business.

•  With our clinical background and educational foundation, you are getting a level of expertise that you do not normally receive when working with other household recruiting and consulting agencies.
We are based in South Florida and proudly provide services nationally.
Some candidates may be from out-of-town and will need to do an initial interview virtually. The family always has the option of flying the applicant in for a personal interview or trial prior to presenting an offer.
Our nannies will do whatever duties a typical caretaker would do for their children such as engage them, do their laundry, prepare meals and feed them, as well as keep them safe, involved, clean, and educated.
We have two main types of placements: permanent placements (a year or longer) and temporary placements (less than a year).

Permanent Placements - Non-refundable $200 Search and Assessment Fee - due at the time of the Client Assessment prior to starting the search for a candidate. This is the only obligation you owe to The Nanny Network until we introduce you to a candidate in which you'd like to hire.

Temporary Placements - Non-refundable $100 Search Fee - due at the start of the candidate search and can be applied towards your remaining balance should you choose to hire one of the candidates we introduce you to.

Please note: If you choose to pause your search, we will keep your file open and on hold for 60 days from the date you choose to put your search on hold. After that time, a new search and/or assessment fee will be incurred for any subsequent searches.

Once you decide to hire a candidate and they accept your offer, the remaining balance is either a percentage of the candidate's first-years' gross annual compensation package for permanent services OR the candidate's total gross compensation during each temporary period for which the temporary staff is reserved for temporary services.
The Nanny Network provides both temporary and permanent services. However, the majority of the candidates we work with are looking for long-term full-time positions. Temporary positions require a minimum of 4 days.
The client (employer) would pay the candidate's salary directly and it is agreed upon when the candidate accepts the position. The Nanny Network does not take any of the candidate's money, our placement fees are separate. We can also put you in touch with various household payroll companies that we have cultivated relationships with over the years. For more information on the Payroll companies, please go to our Friends of the Family part of the site or ask us for a personal introduction to one of our contacts.
We keep an active pool of candidates at all times. Most applicants are seeking an immediate hire so we suggest you begin your search 30-60 days in advance. It typically takes up to a week to receive applicants for review and consideration. Then you may have one to two weeks of interviews and a week or so of trials, per candidate.

Infant Care Specialists, Baby Nurses, Newborn Care Specialists, and Postpartum Doulas are the exception in that you will have to reserve these types of candidates well in advance as they get booked up very quickly. These positions reserve the week prior and the week after your due date to ensure they are available when needed. We recommend reaching out to secure services when you know your due date.
Since The Nanny Network has been around for 38 years and counting, we have established a name in the industry. We have candidates reaching out to us daily or referring colleagues to hear more about the position we have available.

We are actively recruiting from all sources across the US, which gives us the opportunity to introduce our clients to exceptional candidates that are open to relocating for the right position.
When our candidates begin working with us we hold a very in-depth interview with them to learn about their work history, experiences, personality, etc. From there, we begin working up their file and doing our due diligence to speak with several references to ensure the integrity and quality of the candidate.

Once you elect to employ a candidate, the balance of their screenings are performed so that you have the most recent results. Once the candidate is hired, we would be happy to provide you with a copy of the background check or motor vehicle records should you want them for your files.
During the interview and trial process we are more than happy to share written recommendation letters that the candidates have provided as part of their profiles.

We respect our candidate's references and know that they are heavily tapped into while candidates are looking for their next position. Since The Nanny Network handles all of the reference checking and background checking on your behalf, we want to reserve additional contact with their references for a potential hire.

The Nanny Network is happy to share the contact information of any references for a potential hire once an offer has been made and accepted. All offers are contingent upon references, should you want to reach out to them directly.

Please remember, employers are only required by law to verify dates of employment and wages.
As a referral and consulting agency, The Nanny Network makes it simple for you to hire the right household staff, however, we do not provide employee payroll or tax filing services.

We encourage you to speak with your accountant as well as one of our preferred payroll providers to see the best options for you. Head over to the Friends of the Family section to learn more about our connections and contacts with various household payroll companies.
In addition to their salaries, full-time permanent candidates are typically entitled to two weeks of paid vacation and paid holidays. Additionally, many of our clients offer additional benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance and/or a tax-free stipend towards medical expenses or a health care plan, relocation assistance, housing assistance, 401K, sick or personal days, cell phone and car expenses reimbursement, etc.
Most, if not all of our candidates speak English. We do have many bilingual candidates (Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, etc.) and are happy to accommodate your needs should that be a preference or requirement you identify during the application and assessment process.

Specifically, if you are interested in hiring a Mandarin-speaking candidate, please let us know and we would be happy to send you more information on those additional services.
Our nannies fit seamlessly into your family and know how to pivot as your family grows and develops, and your needs change over the years.When children are in school or engaged in other activities with parents, other professionals, or peers, nannies will do other household management chores such as scheduling doctor appointments, rotating and cleaning toys, developing a play-date or after-school activity schedule, buying needed household items, taking clothes to the dry cleaners, organizing cabinets and closets, transporting children, etc.

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Call or Text: (305) 932-5335

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST
Based in South Florida,
Proudly serving the United States.

Email us, we will get back to you shortly!

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